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“I have the highest regard for Monica Miller, whose depth of knowledge of the local and state scene never fails to impress. Her counsel is always informed and accurate and she works tirelessly to advance the interests of her clients. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
Steven Jenkins, CEO

“As a fairly new firm, we had been unsuccessful in going up again larger and more established firms when trying to land a large project with the State of California. With Sacramento Advisors, and the expertise of Monica in positioning and preparing our proposal, we won on the first try."
Larry Callentine, CEO

“Monica understands the importance of establishing strong relationships that in turn have produced grants and revenue streams that didn’t exist before in our organization. As things changed she has also shifted her strategies for different situations. She truly cares about our clients and services, and this shines through in her commitment to the important work she accomplishes.”
Anne Lewandowski, General Director

“As a growing firm, it is important to get our message to decision-makers. Monica is instrumental in gaining access to those decision-makers and promoting our brand in a professional manner.”
Jeannine Patrick, CEO


These are just a few testimonials from our most satisfied clients.  We can provide many more references upon request. 

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